On Progress

Max's vest is finished and is currently blocking! I had to stretch it pretty violently to get it to the specified measurements, but I think I got it under control. Once it's dry, there will be pics of Max wearing it...assuming it fits.

In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to show how this whole thing came together.

Here's what the steek stitches looked like before being reinforced with single crochet:

Here's what the steek stitches looked like after reinforcements were added (doesn't look much like a vest, does it? lol):

Here's the first armhole, with the steek already cut open:

Here's both armholes, steeked and finished:

Here's a scary picture of the neck steek being cut open:

Here's a picture of the result of that cutting (at this point, it actually looks like a vest!):

And finally, here is the finished piece, blocking and drying:

Yay for me! I'm calling this steeking experience a success. It was really fun and it doesn't unravel at all!! Now, I want to cast on a million colorwork cardigans just so I can steek them! I'm crazy.

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easily distracted said...

Look at you! Between this and that book I got, I want to do COLOR.