Nerd Hot (and a Ravelympics update)

Well, since it's finally finished and done blocking...

The Nerd Hot Vest:

The last photo is a better representation of the colors.

  • Pattern: #B65 Argyle Vest (bonus pattern for subscribers) from Verena Knitting Magazine. Ravelry link here. I named it Nerd Hot because that is exactly what it is! :)

  • Yarn: Cascade 22o in purple and gray.

  • Modifications: Original pattern is knit in the flat. I converted it to be knit in the round with arm and neck steeks.

  • Verdict: I LOVE IT! It fits him perfectly. I was really worried when he tried it on before blocking it because it was small...comically small. It's amazing what a good block will do for colorwork!

So, mark that one off of my Ravelympics queue! The little baby sweater is coming along as well. All I have to do is sew on buttons and take pictures! I'm pretty sure that the baby sack and the crochet sweater will not be finished in time, but I am chugging along just the same. :)


Maxim Khailo said...

Nerd Hot? You calling me a nerd??

Jez said...

Yes, I DEFINITELY am calling you a nerd.

It's as they say, honey...if the vest fits...

Eliana said...

This vest with v-neck detail is absolutely perfect! After that, I'm thinking to start doing some work with intarsia too!

Jez said...

I actually did this with stranded technique. I've never attempted intarsia. Maybe that can be a next step for me! :)