Ravelympics 2010: A progress report (Day 3)

If you want to learn about the Knitting Olympics, The Yarn Harlot describes it on her blog.

I am totally all-in on this thing. Just to let everyone know my plans:

  1. Finish Maxim's argyle vest (shown in previous post)--This is considered Olympic knitting for me because I am steeking for the first time...which is kind of a big deal. Knit in Cascade 220.
  2. Cast on and finish Snug, by Hinke for the Unborn Womb Monster--in Cascade Eco +, which is so far a wonderful yarn to work with!!!! The pattern is great as well, with an interesting construction and ridiculous cute factor.
  3. Cast on and finish the Ladylike Pullover (crochet pattern! first link to Lion, second to Ravelry)--This one was not part of my original plan, but I saw it and instantly fell in love. I'll be using the new Stitch Nation yarn Full O' Sheep (in a splendidly obnoxious fuchsia!). I might be crazy taking this on in what is now less than a 17-day period, but I am FEARLESS!!!!
  4. Cast and and finish a sleeping sack for the Unborn Womb Monster--in a hand dyed (by me) non-superwash fingering weight wool.
When I'm finished with the vest, I will post the pictures that I took during the process...for posterity (and gloating purposes!). I used a really awesome tutorial from Eunny Jang's long abandoned blog. She really did a great job with her photos and explanations. I would recommend that tutorial to anyone who wants to try their hand at steeks (and I might just be addicted to them now).

That's all for now, I must get back to the Olympic knitting.

Oh, and if anyone knows how an American can get their hands on the 2010 Olympic gear for Russia and Armenia (both made by Bosco...I think). DO LET ME KNOW!


Maxim Khailo said...

I am sooo excited about my argyle vest!

Anonymous said...

Womb monster?? So I don't feel bad I don't want IT to call me grandma now. YA-YA it is baby!

Eliana said...

Oh! Great things are coming soon!!! I can't wait to see the pics of your wips!