Lucy Cosplay

Since I said I would, and never did, here is the first post of two in which I will highlight my cosplays from Anime Central 2009. I will start with Lucy from Elfen Lied.

Here are a few images of the character taken from the anime:

And here is me:

I dyed the wig using sharpies. It was super easy. You just buy a couple sharpies in the color(s) you desire, pop them open, slit the plastic casing to expose the color, and drop them into a bottle 70% alcohol. I let my dye soak for a few days before using it. Then you put the wig (if it is small enough) into a heavy duty ziploc bag (gallon size) and pour the dye right in there with it. Shake, squish, soak, and rinse. You may have to repeat this to get the right color. So, a genius idea would be to empty the dye back into the bottle so you can use it again. To do this, just clip a small hole in one of the lower corners of the ziploc bag and you have a funnel! :) Yay.

The horn was made using Fimo clay. My husband did it. It looks like a cat ear, but it most certainly isn't. In the anime, Lucy has two horns but loses one in the final episode. So, I decided to only have one horn. I can't tell you how many times I heard this phrase while walking around ACEN, "One of your kitty ears is missing."

The socks were purchased from Sock Dreams. I cut out the heel and the toe to make them like they were in the anime. The shoes are just a pair of red kitten heel maryjanes that I already had. I just took the strap under the foot instead of over it to make it look like simple red kitten heels. Yay.

The dress is sewn from a nice heavy knit fabric in a dark gray. The neckline binding and straps are a heavy black jersey. The pink 3/4 sleeve shirt is American Apparel.

I painted my eyebrows to match the wig. I just coated my eyebrows with washable Elmer's and mixed acrylic paints to match the color as closely as possible. Once the glue dried, I put that paint CAREFULLY on my eyebrows. It washed off really easily at the end of the day and I didn't have to do anything crazy...or semi-permanent.

I call this one a success. :) It was a lot of fun to wear. My next post will be about the other costume I wore at Anime Central: Asuka Langley Soryu from everyone's favorite anime, EVANGELION!!!!


Electronic Goose said...

You look amazing!

Jez said...

Thanks, darlin'!

Seiji said...

ah finally makes sense now