Cosplay woes

Some things look perfect, amazingly perfect...like I'm shocked I was able to make it so perfect.

Other things don't look so perfect, but they are acceptable.

Still other things look outright wrong...and there is very little that I am going to be able to do about it. These things are the wigs for my cosplays. I can hardly style my own, human hair. Styling synthetic wig hair is another story. I am most unhappy with my Asuka wig as it is orange (too orange) and the bangs are too short.

Which wouldn't be a problem if I knew what to do with my eyebrows. They are dark (my natural color) and my wigs are orange (too orange) and fuscia. Dark eyebrows certainly clash. The fuscia one sort of covers them, but the orange (too orange) one does not. I've considered bleaching them and using an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner in orange/fuscia to color them in...but then I reconsidered--because my hair is dark and I'd look like an idiot any time I didn't have the wig(s) on, which would be everyday minus 2 (the days I wear my cosplays). I've decided that I'm not crazy, nor that wonderful of a cosplayer to bleach and color my eyebrows. Sorry.

That's what we call "responsibility" and "better judgement." Grown ups are supposed to exercise these skills when presented with Utter Crazy.

Of course, I could just buy eyebrow powder to match my hair and continue to color in my eyebrows until the bleach grows out...only not in orange and fuscia...unless I wanted to...for kicks.



Bratsky said...

The God that Kevyn Aucoin says....

Step One: Draw over brow with sealing wax
Step Two: Paint over waxed brow with eyebrow sealer
Step Three: Let Dry
Step Four: Cover with foundation same colour as skintone
Step Five: Apply loose powder to set

Bratsky said...

from there you can draw on your eyebrow whichever color you like. You may want to use a putty knife to apply the sealing wax, as it is pretty much a big stick of wax. Just warm it up in your hands before attempting to apply it. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow! That's an awesome rendition.