Lucy's Progress

She's coming along quite nicely:

Ok. For those of you readers who aren't familiar with anime...or the special brand of crazy that is cosplay...all shall be revealed in a later post. Basically, I am dressing up as characters that I like at a convention devoted to anime. Yes, sort of like those Star Wars geeks...Trekkies too. I will post photos of the characters I'm cosplaying as well as pictures of myself in the finished costumes as soon as the costumes are finished, which will be soon!

There you go, a very basic and undetailed explanation of "cosplay."


Anonymous said...

Perfectly matches the anime! Awesome

Maia said...

I am interested in purchasing your elfen lied cosplay on cosplay lab if it is still for sale.Also,is the wig included?

Maia said...

By the way if the wig is included could I compromise a price without the wig because i am going to dye my hair ^_^

Jez said...

@Maia :

Actually, the costume isn't for sale. The dollar amount listed on cosplay lab is just how much money I spent in creating the costume. I thought that was what it meant whenI added it to my profile lol. I'm sorry for the confusion. :)