I bought this punta wool top from Muzzlepuff's quite a while ago. I have only recently been able to spin it up. It's Navajo plied, fingering weight:

And it's beautiful. And I'm going to knit the Morning Surf Scarf out of it.

I'm knitting socks:

I finished a pair of slippers:

So yeah. That's good (except that Matilda has already chewed on them).

My Snowdrop Cardigan is coming along. And by "coming along," I mean SO CLOSE to being finished. All I have to do is tie off the snowdrop holes, attach the pockets, and find buttons. I do have one concern, which I am trying not to think about right now. I may have to re-knit the buttonband. It buckles around the curves at the hips. I blocked it and it seemed fine, but after a while it wanted to go back to the original state. I'll see how I feel once the thing is finished, but I will probably end up ripping the buttonband and trying again. ::sad face:: It's either leave it as it is and never wear it or take the time to make it better and wear it all the time.

I've also cast on a new sweater, Demi. It's insanity. Beautiful, cabled insanity.

What's even more insane is that I want to cast on MORE projects. I'm not going to stop myself. Why should I? If I want to work on a thousand things at once, that's my business. ;)


Electronic Goose said...

I'm in LOVE with those socks!

Anonymous said...

Can I buy some of those from you?

Do you have an Etsy account or something?

Lenore said...

Yeah, I'd like to know if I could purchase some of those slippers, also.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for those slippers? I've been looking for something just like those. My friend has a pair of commercially made ones and I've been so jealous!

Maxim Khailo said...

Those socks are even more colorful in person

Jez said...

Wow, what a response! lol

@everyone: I do have an etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5122277), but at the moment, I do not have anything for sale. I might be willing to make some socks to sell for people, but I warn that I am a SLOW KNITTER. So, it might take me a while to finish a pair! lol.

@Lenore and knitthehellout: I cannot sell the slippers because it is a copyrighted pattern. The pattern is called "suede soled slippers" and it was published by Somerset Designs. I bought the kit at my local yarn store.

Thanks again, everyone!