FO: Snowdrop Jacket


The Snowdrop Jacket by James Coviello, knit by Yours Truly. This started out as one of my most ambitious knits, but turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected. I've worn it only about a thousand times already.

I've started dyeing yarn. I don't remember if I showed any of that on the blog, but here are a few examples of my work so far:

The fire-y red yarns were my first attempt and I am happy with how it all turned out. The purple and orange, on the other hand, did not work out as I had hoped. The dye didn't take in some places, but I still sort of like it and will use it for something in the future. I'm thinking fingerless mitts or something of the like.

I finished the knitting on my Lace Ribbon Scarf:

It still needs to be blocked. I'll call it an FO once it's blocked and the ends are woven in.

I'm working on another Montego Bay scarf (the same scarf I knit my mother for Christmas in yellow). This time, a lace weight alpaca/silk version for myself.

Not a bad photo, eh? I'm quite proud of it.

So, yeah. There's a lot of knitting going on around here. There should be a lot of library science oriented research going on, but you know how it is. I should be working on sewing projects as well. I need to get cracking on my cosplays for upcoming anime conventions (one is in March!!!!). That's right. ANIME conventions.

Chew on that for a minute.

PS--Have any other Blogger users noticed the strange cropping of photos on their blogs? The right side of my photos is always cut off. This has only been happening within the last few months. I've had this blog for a long time and don't really want to switch to another one (I'm attached, one could say), but if this issue isn't resolved... I'd love to hear others thoughts on this, solutions too...


snowdrop said...

what a lovely jacket- great job!!


Electronic Goose said...

Oh my GOD that snowdrop jacket is TO DIE FOR! I called my coworkers over just to check it out. !!!

Jez said...

@snowdrop: Thanks! Your name matches my sweater! lol

@electronic goose: You're hilarious. I feel like a celebrity. lol

Silvi said...

Hello from Switzerland !

It's so cute- nice job!