Lace Ribbon Scarf

It's finally finished:

Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty.com. I used a sock yarn from Hill Country Yarns. It was nice to work with. I'm so glad it's all over, though. Scarfs kill me. I just don't have the attention span for them, I suppose.

I have a ton of lace projects on the needles right now...and I want more.

I'm almost done with my Noro Kureyon socks. I think they will be about knee length, which is exactly what I wanted. I have started the ribbing for the cuff and I want it to go for about 3 or 4 inches before binding off so I have a nice, wide cuff. I originally decided that they would be finished tonight whether I liked it or not, but I think I will move it to tomorrow because I sort of got sidetracked by the cosplay thing. That's fair, right? :p

I have been working on my cosplay. I am going to Anime St. Louis in two weeks and I had hoped to dress as Asuka from Evangelion in her adorable yellow sundress. I found a pattern that I assumed I would have to make a lot of modifications to, but after making a muslin of the bodice there weren't as many necessary changes as I had expected. I love it when things run smoothly.

My dog is cute:

We went to Legoland. I have lots of pictures on my flickr page. I don't feel like uploading them all to blogger. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Great day to take pictures too!

librarian pirate said...

OH MY GOODNESS It was gorgeous here today - and I love your scarf! And your adorable dog! And I actually really love your haircut.

Anonymous said...

Its even better in person!

Electronic Goose said...

You are so friggin cute. And your scarf too. Aren't scarves supposed to be the easy part?!

Jez said...

lol. Thanks everyone!

Yeah, they tell you scarves are easy...and they are...but they can get really boring after a while! :)