I love boots. No, I mean I really do. I would wear boots every day if I could...and really I probably could. I have 5 pairs (although one pair digs into my ankles and causes bloodshed).

Did you know that I found the greatest pair of knee high wedge heel boots a few days ago in a thrift shop in the city that fit my skinny scrawny chicken calves for $30 and I didn't get them? I never mentioned it? Oh. That must be because I'm still getting over the loss.

Well, that's OK...because I love all boots, even the not-so-chic practical hiking sorts, and tonight I am winter boot shopping. The idea here is to buy the most practical and well made pair that I can find that is still adorable enough to wear with a skirt (leggings and leg warmers are implied here). Now, I'll wear pretty much any shoe with a skirt...the real criteria is how the boots make my legs look. Clunky short boots often do not work for me because my ankles and legs are so skinny. I end up looking like a cartoon character. Plus, I trudge through the snow with the dog and prefer a taller boot for things like that. There's nothing worse than getting snow in your shoes...or on the hems of your pants. Then, walking around the house stepping on those wet hems. It's enough to drive me insane.

I have no idea what I'll end up with. We'll see if fashion supersedes practicality as a result of my girlishness.


Maxim Khailo said...

I didn't tell you this but initially my boots rubbed. Now they have been broken in.

Jez said...

Honey. You now can no longer make fun of me for sacrificing comfort for fashion! You do the same thing! I knew you only wanted those boots because they were cooler looking than the other pair! I thought men were supposed to be sensible?