What's Crack-a-lackin'?

About that list I made in my last entry. I'm feeling less and less like any of it is going to happen and more and more like I shouldn't even bother. I should bother, though. I really should.

Should, could...all those words with "oul" make me shake my head. The only "oul" word I should worry about is "soul." How is my soul? Is it functioning? Is it happy? If not, fixing it must become priority one.

That and more knitting. Can I have two priorty ones?

Knitting. (This is my transistion.)

The snowdrop cardigan is totally going to happen. It's going to happen so much and so soon that I'm beginning to feel giddy. 5.5 small tasks remain on this project. 0.5) I must finish the border and buttonband. 1) I must work the collar. 2) I must work the border on the pockets. 3) I must attach the pockets to the body of the sweater. 4) I must find the perfect buttons. 5) Close the snowdrops and weave in the ends. Whoa. I'm excited.

The body of Max's Cobblestone sweater is off of the needles and resting on scrap yarn. He tried it on and it could use a few more inches of length, but it fits him nicely otherwise. Someday, I'll cast on for the sleeves and lengthen the body for him, but not just yet. Sorry, love, you'll have to wait.

I started knitting a pair of suede soled slipper boots. The knitting was done in two days. Both boots are seamed and one has been attached to the sole. Because it was a hassle to stretch the knitted fabric into place for the sewing, I did not finish the pair. I will do it tomorrow. It is cold outside, so that will be my motivation. One thing I'm (not so) worried about is the yarn I chose to attach the boot to the sole. I found a coraly pink color that looks like it matches quite well, but the lighting in our place is sort of insane. I'll have to take them with me into the real world and see them under natural light. Not that it really matters. I'll only be wearing them at home anyway.

I worked on some socks yesterday and had a great time. I think I'll knit socks again. I sort of told myself that I shouldn't there for a while. I even removed most of the socks from my queue on the Ravelry. But the itch is coming back. I still really want a collection of handknit thigh-highs. I'd wear them. I'm one of the few people in the world who would, I'm sure. So, I went ahead and made a wish list over at The Loopy Ewe. I put a link to my wishlist in the sidebar, hehe. Then, I went over and looked at the colors to be had by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, even though I hated (HATED) working with their Socks That Rock in the past. I found that they now have a sock yarn with silk in it and I'm assuming it might be softer/less dry-crap feeling. I might have to try a skein, because I always thought it was such a shame I hated the yarn when the colors were so awesome.

I've been spinning too. Nothing more to say about it until I actually finish something and get pictures. I don't really know what I'm doing well enough to explain it...just simple spinning...nothing complicated or amazing...merino at the moment...


If you are on Ravelry, there are a few previews up for the Winter 08/09 Vogue Knitting. We all know what happened with the last Vogue Knitting. I immediately found something that I had. To. Have. and cast on for it within the fortnight. Even though there are only three patterns on Ravelry right now from the upcoming issue, that must-have item might prove to be "Green Iiris." Anything that makes me feel more elven is a winner in my book. Check it out. If you don't have Ravelry, I am very sorry. I tried to find a preview online somewhere and could not for the life of me. I'll keep an eye open, though. I don't want anyone to be out of the loop on this thing. :)

What else...what else. My dog is the cutest, but needs to be groomed. I'm a bad owner.

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Maxim Khailo said...

"How is my soul? Is it functioning? Is it happy? If not, fixing it must become priority one."

Beautiful words. Gave me a lump in my throat. That's probably more important than making lists.