Believe it or not, I do not have a huge number of scarves. I know it seems strange that a knitter doesn't have a lot of scarves, but really it is true. I don't even think that I have more scarves than the average non-knitter and it isn't because I do not love scarves.

I really do.

I love them so much.

So, to live up to my own knitterly expectations:


The first is a quick and silly crochet deal that I am working on. I've woven strips of satin fabric through it (and will continue to do so throughout the scarf) just for fun, but I haven't decided if I will keep it that way or not.

The second (and third, duh) is, of course, the Ribbon Lace Scarf that I started ages ago. I am still working on it here and there.

Here and there.

And that's what's great about knitting scarves, I've come to realize. They travel well and don't require crazy attention. Of course, there are exceptions, a few of which I will be casting on in the weeks/months/years to come.

I finished the back of the Snowdrop Jacket and decided I wanted to get to some of the fun stuff. So, instead of casting on for the boring plain front pieces, I cast on for a pocket. I thought it would be a good idea to do the pockets before the sleeves since the pockets are very small and like little learning swatches that will be sewn onto the garment. I don't have a picture for you, but let's just call what I have so far on pocket one, "So much cuteness and fun, fun, fun." Yeah. I think that's a good name for it.



Anonymous said...

i don't have that many scarves either. as a matter of fact, if i make a scarf (which is not often) i usually give it to someone else. scarves are great to learn a new technique too! happy knitting!

Jez said...

When i first learned to knit, the first thing I did was knit all of my friends simple scarves for christmas. So, I have knit a lot of scarves, just not for myself. lol. They really are good gift-knitting. I think I'm making a scarf for my mother for Christmas this year!