My mind is hop-skip-jumping around about a gazillion things right now. I'll start with those things most of interest to readers of a knitting blog. Mainly, progress.

The Snowdrop Cardigan is coming along nicely. I have finished the back piece, knit both of the pockets, and got a good start on the front pieces. Even though the fronts are all stocking stitch, I've really been enjoying them and they are working up much more quickly than I expected. Of course, I am knitting both at the same time--as is my preferred method. I won't, however, be knitting both sleeves at the same time. I only have one ball of each contrast color and I don't feel like taking the extra time to divide them.

Anyway, here's a picture of the pockets. They still need the borders knitted on the upper edges, but this is the general idea:

The sleeves have the same "snowdrops," making this the sweetest, most adorable cardigan EVAR.

I finished spinning that corriedale fiber, as promised. I ended up with approx. 900 yds total. It varies from lace to fingering mostly, but I only eyeballed it to come to that conclusion. I think it will turn into a triangular shawl which I will simply knit until I run out of yarn! It might end up a present to my mother, whose favorite color is yellow. Maybe. Really, this is more MY KIND of yellow than hers. She's more the soft, buttery type. I'm more the earthy mustard variety. But we shall see. And so shall you (the photo, that is):

The scarves from the last post have not been touched.

But surprisingly, a long neglected WIP HAS been touched. Last night, I seemed up the back and front peices of my Purple Lace Blouse. Remember how I was terrified that it wouldn't fit me (too big)? Well, after trying it on, I am convinced that it WILL fit me! This means that I must finish the lace border. Ugh. What I have decided to do is knit one lace repeat each day. JUST ONE! That shouldn't be too hard, considering that the rows are very very very short! I know I'm being a baby, but it's the only way this is ever going to happen...and I SO want it to happen, because I can already see that this is going to be a GORGEOUS FO! ((Rah Rah Rah!!!!))

Finally, I can't get a silly knit design out of my head. I have a pair of pants...and I have decided that my life is not complete without another pair...only this time...they will be handknit!!!! I am batshit crazy for wanting to knit a pair of pants. I'm even more insane for wanting to knit this particular type of pant (which I will not share until I actually make them! lol). These will likely not happen for quite some time. I will need to find the right yarn (I'm thinking a somewhat fine linen or a linen/cotton blend...and organic would be nice, but probably way too expensive).

But yeah. Batshit crazy.

As crazy as bat shit.


cosymakes said...

oh... pretty yellow yarn and can't wait to see your sweater! the swatches are pretty dang fun...

Jez said...

Thanks! I can't WAIT to finish the sweater! I fell in love with it instantly in the magazine!

Electronic Goose said...

I'm starting to think your mom must have the most adorable wardrobe ever.

Jez said...

Haha. She is a good dresser...with a shopping addiction, unfortunately. lol. It's funny that I've only really knit her two things: a sweater, and a pair of socks.