Did I mention I'm happy?

I finally found yuzu cha. I first had a taste of it while studying abroad in Japan. The nice girl at the social security center where I did an internship gave me some and told me what it was called. What she didn't tell me was how to find it. I searched in Japan before I returned to The States, because I knew I'd have a hard time finding it. Couldnt' find it. I searched everywhere in the US as well and still couldn't find it. Then, after a few years, I finally did an internet search (save discussion on my silly negligence up until this point for later, lol) and found out that I wasn't finding it because I was looking in the wrong aisle. Cha=tea and tea=the tea section, right? Wrong. Wrong-a-mundo.

Now, I know many people already know of this tasty Korean/Japanese (but Korean FIRST!) treat. It's a marmalade made from the rind of the yuzu (a small citrus fruit) and honey. Put a spoonful or two into a cup of hot water, stir, and enjoy. I bought mine and am pleased with it, but there is one word in the ingredients that I am not fond of (I think it's a preservative...who needs that when you have FREAKIN' HONEY?), leading me to the decision of making it myself in the future. My jar will be empty soon anyway, which is good because now is the time of the yuzu. They are in season during November in Japan, so I should be able to find them quite easily at the Japanese grocer. Next time I go, I'll probably buy a basket full (no, probably not THAT much, but you get the idea). I was even thinking of giving some away to friends and family if all goes well and I think people will appreciate it enough. :)

So yeah. Yuzu-cha. Yum. Also at the Japanese grocer (well, technically at the bookstore), I ordered the most recent issue of Keitodama. They said it could take up to 4 weeks to arrive! Sheesh! Still, I love looking at Japanese patterns, even if I haven't knit any of them yet...

Look at this!

I started Max's Cobblestone Pullover. Can we say, "a million gazillion plus infinity stitches makes a man-sweater?" Yeah. It's a lot. I'm doing this as part of NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month) so that I am urged to get it done quickly. It's an easy pattern, but it's going to be a boring knit.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year too. It's more important than sweaters and I wrote 1780 words today. Only 48, 220 words to go!

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