Sumpin' or other.

Yeah. What of it?

I've been a lagging knitter and crafter, but not so much that I am not creating anything at all. I am working on the Snowdrop Jacket from Vogue Knitting and it is coming along. I am working the armholes for the back piece at the moment and it is just plain stockinette right now. Stockinette=boring. Here's an older picture:

I haven't sat in front of my wheel for a disgusting amount of time. It is my goal to get some spinning in tonight as there is really no excuse for my negligence. That wheel was expensive and was intended as more than a pretty (OH SO VERY PRETTY) hunk of folk art. I was in the midst of spinning up some yellow corriedale wool before I shoved it in the corner. That was so long ago.

What else is crafty, you ask? You don't think that just because it's Halloween time, I would be making something silly like a costume, do you? Please, give me more credit, people. I'm a grown up. I'm so much of a grown up that just last night I wasn't sure how old I was going to turn on my next birthday (we decided on 25, for the record). Grown ups, while known for doing other silly things like destroying the planet and desecrating the economy, do not waste time on silly things like Halloween costumes.

This isn't what it looks like...

Hey, what's that over there?!

Mmmm...Braunsweiger! I try to be healthy around here, but please, do not deny me my love of braunsweiger. Grown ups eat braunsweiger and are also apparently not turned off by creepy tarantula-like dried hibiscus flowers...they knit practical things like socks and mittens (speaking of which, I have some fingerless mitts to get workin' on...).

Peace (which isn't likely with the two major presidential candidates, but whatever...that's for another time).

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Courtney said...

I cant wait to see more pics of the sweater