A Temporary Solution to the Camera Problem

I got a sweet new cellphone. It's a Palm Centro. I'm a total Palm Whore now. I named it Wilhelm. LoL. The thing has a pretty nice camera on it...well...at least it is better than my malfunctioning Canon.

The point of this is to show my progress on my mother's sweater. I have finished everything but the neckline and sewing on the buttons. Tomorrow, which begins in 15 minutes, I will be taking care of all that. So, without further ado, photos:

I'm in love with those cap sleeves. They are so adorably feminine, don't you think? And the photos aren't bad considering they were taken on a cell phone. For the record, this pattern is the Scalloped Edge Pullover from the Spring/Summer 2008 Knit Simple Magazine...in case anyone was wondering...

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Courtney said...

This came out very pretty!!