One thing off the list

Well, I've gone and done it. I have finished my mother's sweater.

I seem to recall this being on a list of New Year's Resolutions...Yep, sure was. Just as a reminder, I will copy and paste those resolutions here. Let's take a looksee at my progress:
  • Knit a sweater from a Japanese Pattern (I already have one picked out and have figured out possible yarn substitutes...and it won't cost me more that $40 to pull off...God, I love knitpicks!)
  • Knit two sweaters for myself
  • Knit two sweaters for Max (Cobblestone and something else. I'm all torn up inside between Jared and Beau, both from Vintage Knits)
  • Knit one sweater for my Mother
  • Spin on a regular basis
  • Abandon the Park and Draft method of spinning
  • Knit a sweater OF MY OWN DESIGN (this was a resolution of last year that I did not accomplish...on to round two!)
  • Focus more on lace projects
Not bad, right? A lot of these are happening, but they can only really be marked off when the year is over as they are ongoing practices more than they are concrete goal oriented. I have yarn for one of Max's two 2008 sweaters, yarn for a self-designed sweater (yet to be designed, lol), and I am SO CLOSE to finishing two sweaters for myself that I could slap myself for never working on them.

I must also toot my horn and say that I've made progress on the more personal resolutions that I did not list on this blog, the major contender being applying and attending graduate school. ::TOOT TOOT!::

Well, I will report back soon. I am feeling the sewing urge lately and hope to get my hands on some fabric really really soon...

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Electronic Goose said...

Gorgeous sweater! And I'm happy to read how far you've come on your goals. Now if I could just cross one thing off my list ...