Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Words cannot describe my intense infatuation with the garments in this movie. ((It's a beautiful movie as well, lol))

At the moment, I am pouring myself all over the interwebs to find stills of the laid back linen-y goodness that caught my eye in every scene of the movie. Perfection.

I hope to be so breezy someday. I am completely inspired to return to the sewing machine after this movie. I'm sure a wardrobe renovation was not Woody Allen's intention in making this film, but I am a stereotypical girl when it comes right down to it...if anyone knows who designed the clothing worn in this film, I would very much like to know. Not that I will pay top dollar, but I would bookmark a webpage for inspiration. hehe

...Great movie, great clothes...someday, we will up and leave for Europe. Just you wait and see.

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Lesliegotogirl said...

I would very much like to know too!!! I am dying for those light weight looking shirts that girl was wearing in each scene (not Penelope or Scarlett)...not sure her name but i neeeeeed them in my life!!