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Last night, Max had a brilliant idea to make root beer floats. I must say, my first reaction was along the lines of "Whaaaaaaat." I'm so glad we did. Yummy, yummy. However, I now have around 7 cans of root beer to drink. :/ So much for healthy! But really, we hardly ever drink anything carbonated. So, one week full of root beer shouldn't kill us, especially since we don't eat the fast food (despite my affections for it).

While I'm on the subject of food, I'll share some:

This was so freakin' good. It's japanese eggplant (nasu-the skinny eggplant), maitake (mushroom), and kale (leafy veggie like spinich only it might be even better!). I sauteed the ingredients in olive oil with a bit of sea salt and cracked black pepper. It was one of those experimental dishes that turned out to be wonderful. Just thinking of it makes me hungry. Luckily, I have enough left over veggies to make more. This dish will be made again this week, I'm sure. :)

I've been spinning a lot lately. I have a new spindling FO to show the blogosphere, but I don't have it washed or photographed yet. I've started a new spindling project that I will also show once it is photographed. I've been lazy with the photos lately. :/

Today, my goal is to fix the neckline on my cosplay dress. I'm pretty ticked that this has turned out to be such a hassle when I used a pattern. I mean, it isn't that difficult, but if I wanted to do all of this work, I would have just drafted the pattern myself. :/ At any rate, this cosplay might not happen as it is because I have a feeling my wig won't arrive in time for Saturday's festivities. Oh yeah, if all goes well, I will be cosplaying Emily the Strange on Saturday at Wizard World. I needed an exuse to cosplay her and since she has her own comic book and is kind of a so-called "counter" culture icon I figured Wizard World would be as good a place as any. :) Buuuuut, there is still a huge chance that it won't happen. The stars might not align for me. :/ Keep your fingers crossed!

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Yeah, it was sooo tasty!