Twisting Wool

I have some FOs.

The first is the result of my first time navajo plying. I came out with two mini skeins of about 50 yards each. I have a lot of this roving left over, but I wanted to work on more exciting spindling projects. :) Still, I love this stuff.

The second is a Superwash Merino, Ingeo, Lincoln, and Firestar blend from Dragoncraft. I got this fiber as a freebie with my Dragoncraft spindle (the pretty orange one--eep). I was pleasantly surprised by how much fiber I was given for free! I managed to get 120 yards out of it as a singles, which is how I'm keeping it. It was a different experience spinning with this roving because it sort of lended itself to being kind of unpredictable. There were little bumps and clumps here and there and it really added to the organic feeling of the roving. Plus, there were sparklies in it. Gotta love the sparklies!

I also have a picture of my new spindling Wip:

It's handpainted BFL from this shop.

I'm having a great time with the spinning lately. I might even like it more than knitting at the moment. However, I will happily tell you that I think I have the knitting mojo back! I picked up a pair of socks I started working on a while ago. They are Just a pair of toe-up socks that I’m working on. I started with a linen stitch toe and am planning a simple stockinette foot and leg with scattered purl rows. I’m planning on arranging them randomly…just whenever I feel like purling. :)

I haven't knit a pair of socks since FOREVER ago. I forgot how much fun/addictive they can be!

Yay for knitting!

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