New Resolve

((FYI--this is a repost of a blog I wrote on myspace))

Well, my promise to write something (anything) every day has turned out to be relatively successful. Although, I have skipped a few days here and there, I have pretty much stuck to it. I think it also helps to be kind to myself when I don't find the time to write.

Be kind to yourself!

But, this little experiment has got me thinking. There are a few other things I'd like to work on as well. So, here are my new "everyday" promises to myself.

1. Write something (continuing on)
2. Do some yoga (even if I only get into balasana for 30 seconds, IT COUNTS).
3. Walking meditation (this one's for you, Max)...Matilda can join me. She'll like the time outside.
4. Read something

Now, this might seem like a lot...and it is...but keep in mind that there is no minimum on these and if I don't do it at all one day, I have vowed not to tear out my heart in self-disgust. The whole point here is to LOVE myself so that I can feel peace and love for others. Lately, I've been struggling with that as images of the disgusting things we humans do to one another have been flashing in my head. Indeed, I have wished for some terrible things to happen and I don't like it. Anger is a form of unhappiness...a form of suffering...both for me and those I feel it towards.

Yeah...I get sort of spacey sometimes...lol

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Electronic Goose said...

These are great promises: good luck!