A Few Things

Wednesday night I went to a writers' meetup in Naperville. I don't know how I feel about it, actually. I'm pretty sure I'll attend a few more meetings, but I'm really not sure if the whole writers' group thing is right for me...right now.

I finally ripped my Icarus Shawl...and I actually decided that it was hopeless to try to just go back to where I tore it up in the first place and pick up the stitches...after a good half hour of trying... So, I'm starting it all over again. :( Maybe tonight. Hopefully tonight, but maybe not. It all depends on when I am able to finally GET OVER IT. lol

I did finish a little mitt I've been working on, though, of my own design:

I may eventually publish a pattern for these, once I figure out how to explain the pick-up technique I used to create the gathered look. I don't begin to know how at the moment. Hopefully, I will make another soon because I look kind of funny walking around with one mitt on... These were Lolita inspired and the one mitt I have at the moment lives up to my expectations of what I wanted the pair to look like. :) Not everything has to end in disaster.

Speaking of disasters, I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post or not, but I have been working on a dress that is part of a costume. I used a store-bought pattern and cut out the appropriate pieces according to their specified bust measurements. Then, I took the next step and started sewing. The thing is huge. I'm a 34 bust, which is the size I thought I was using, and this thing looked huge enough for 44 inch bust. No joke. How does 44 translate to 34? Beats me. So, I have had to take it in from just about every angle to make it fit SOMEWHAT satisfactorily. Can we say "Ugh?" It's still a little bit odd looking in places, but it will suit my needs. I am going to modify the neckline all the way around because it now looks funny with all my necessary alterations on the body, armholes, shoulders, what have you. I considered changing it to begin with anyway...just because I wanted the neckline to be slightly lower and more curved...so, I'm not really upset or put off by having no choice but to do it now. I'm also skipping the interfacing. I hate that stuff and It isn't really necessary for me. I'll just hem it all up (maybe a rolled hem?) around the neckline and it will look just as good as my past attempts at interfacing...really. lol

Well, I need to cut this short (short? haha, that's funny) because I am quite busy at the moment. I have about 7 loads of laundry to do because we haven't had quarters for the machines and I kept forgetting to get some. Oh, and I hate laundry and wait until the last possible moment to throw in a load. I might be a housewife, but I'm not good at chores. lol That's why housewives love having children, maybe. Don't worry, mom, that's probably a long way off. ;)

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