Icarus The Ambitious

Well, having cast off my Swallowtail Shawl, I simply could not wait to start another triangle shawl. This time, I'm working on the Icarus Shawl, which is also an Interweave pattern. So far, the pattern is incredibly simple and I like that about it, but I am a little bit worried that it will begin to bore me after a while. :( I sure hope not, because FOs feel really good!

I also wanted to tell the world another thing I'm pretty exited about. I bought a new book called Sweet Needle Felts. It's only the cutest needle felting book I've ever seen...and it seems like it is really useful. I tried to teach myself needle felting, but never got good at it. I was just sort of doing it "blindly." I think having a few patterns and clear plans with illustrated instructions will be a good way to develop my skills. Before I was just sort of...I don't know...poking fiber with felting needles with no real idea of what I was trying to make.

I'm making steady progress on my Cosplay for Anime Central. Here's a sneaky shot of my progress:

Yeah...it's still a secret! Because it's fun for me! lol ^.^ ((alter ego speaking: if you go to my flickr page, I've already completely spilled the beans...I couldn't help it.)) If I have time after everything is complete, I am going to try to make a themed bag to match and possible a NEEDLE FELTED PLUSHIE!!!! ((that will, of course, depend on whether or not I can master the needle felting arts within the next 31 days! The con is in 30 days! I can't believe it!)) Wish me luck!

I will be reporting back eventually. :p

Oh, and just so everyone knows, Mike Gravel is attempting to win the Libertarian nomination and needs the support of the many like minded individuals out there! Spread the word, buy/read his book, and make a donation! If you can...and if you want to, of course. We are planning to make a nice donation very soon and will also buy a copy of Citizen Power to donate to our local library because even if he doesn't become our President, the National Initiative for Democracy (if you haven't voted online yet, check it out...if you think it's wonderful, cast your VOTE!!!!) is a great piece of legislation that will empower the PEOPLE to make laws. I don't like to get all political often because I can tend to be unflinching in my opinions and I don't really like to push on people. That is why I say, "If you support/like Mike Gravel, check these things out and help if you can!!" I know that many people who read my blog have at least mentioned that they liked Sen. Gravel. So, I figured it was a safe place. :)

That's enough of that, though. This is a personal knitting blog, after all.

PS--My puppy is wonderfully adorable...but bites me to show her affection. Hmmmmm......

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