Swallow The Tail

My Swallowtail Shawl is finished and blocked into pure loveliness.

I remember thinking of how soft and light the yarn I chose for this project was as I was working on it, but now I'm even more amazed. It feels like NOTHING...like a spider's web (but not in a creep-me-out, heebie jeebie, way...in a wonderful way). I can't help but fantasize about my own handspun someday feeling like this.

There is some sad news in my family. My Uncle Gerald (who is my grandfather's big brother) died recently. Max and I are leaving tomorrow night to drive down to Southern Illinois for the funeral. He lived a very long life and almost made it to 100, but it was time. You know? Sometimes it's just...time.

I'm excited to make the trip down there and see my grandparents, but I do wish the circumstances were different.


Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful

elizabeth marley said...

Beautiful shawl. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but it sounds like he had a great long life.

Courtney said...

Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your family's sad loss. I hope the weekend proves to be a celebration of a life well lived.