I have a spinning FO to show you and it is wonderful in every way before my own eyes! lol

Merino Handspun in Tigerlily colorway. I can't remember who sold it to me, but it was last summer at The Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival. This is approximately 324 yards of probably a DK weight. I haven't measured WPI yet, but when I do, I'll report back. For now, just assume it's a DK as I am. :)

Next up on the spinning agenda is some nice undyed-with-vegetable-matter Cormo roving. I haven't started spinning that up yet because I am still unsure of what I want to do with it. Part of me wants to try bulky single while another part wants another plied yarn. I'm going to get more of this roving at some point and since it is undyed I won't really need to worry about stuff not matching up. What should I do?? I've never spun a usable singles before, which is why I'm sort of drawn to that idea. I need to read up a bit on Cormo to see if singles is a wise decision. I need to do what is right for the fiber in the end. :)

My Butterfly Mobius is nearing completion, my Purple Lace Blouse has not been touched, nor has Swallowtail, or any other wip at the moment. I started a new WIP last night that might be finished by this evening. Keep a look-out for the next FO! That's all for now!

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Anonymous said...

I think the yarn is absolutely beautiful