Anthropologie Inspired Capelet

Here I am to save the day with a little chunk of instantly gratifying knitting: The Anthropologie Inspired Capelet!

It took all of three days to finish, no joke, and fits me quite well. I'm satisfied. :)

To knit this, I used up almost three full balls of GGH Aspen that has been chilling in my stash for a while. I still have one skein left and a little smidge of another. What those leftovers will become is beyond me at this point, but it feels really good to use up some of the yarn that has been in baggies and baskets for the past year and a half.

I have also "finished" my Butterfly Mobius, but I altogether hate it. I like it when I double it up around my neck like a cowl, which is probably how I'll wear it. I am going to try to block it and see if it looks better, but otherwise a cowl it is. :(

I haven't done any spinning since I finished my Tigerlily Merino skein. I am in the thinks of what to do with the cormo roving I have. I know I want to spin something up for a sweater, and I'm torn at this point between two. One is actually a vest in a bulky yarn and is in Interweave (an issue that I have). The other is this fantastically over the top, victorian-esque sweater from a back issue of Vogue Knitting (which I don't have). The logical side of me says to knit the one that requires less spinning time and that I already have the pattern for. The daring and exciting side, wants the whack-ass crazy sweater that requires probably over a thousand yards of yarn and the purchase of a back issue (which may not be possible at this point). I'm trying to listen to the logical one, lol.


Telmah said...

You look really satisfied! Sounds like a quick, fun knit.

Electronic Goose said...

Cute! You and the capelet.