Vermont is pretty cool.

And my mom's socks are done. Currently, they are sitting in front of the vent in the guest bedroom so that they will dry faster. I must tell the truth, I did not reach my Friday goal. I finished them at around 3 today. Still, not bad. They are done...and my mom totally knows she's getting socks for Christmas because I've already opened my big ol' mouffff.

That's right...mouffff.

Something I've been thinking about: Publishing. Writing. Poetry. Graphic Novels. I may decide to self publish a collection of poetry. I may start working on some kind of graphic novel/not so novelic comic and self publish that as well. I've made a lot of false starts in the graphic novel department (I started fantasizing about it in high school, actually), but I might be ready to do it. I think I need to just "go for it," as they say. The same with the poetry. "Go for it!" I just need to get my act together and actually motivate myself. That is where most of my problems lie. I really really really want to be a writer...so, I need to work for it. Plain and simple.

Enough of that for now. This is a knitting blog, after all! :) A post proper in the morrow.

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