Today was all about the spinning. I seemed to be doing it for hours and my basket of fiber is still relatively full. I've noticed a difference in weight on the spindle and I am wondering if I should unload it. I really do not want to because the only way I really know how to ply right now is by winding it all into a center pull ball and winding both ends together. I'm sure there are other methods, but I don't know them and/or am too scared to give them a try just yet. I'm still a beginner; keep that in mind.

This will end up being a pretty fine yarn. I'm hoping that it will be laceweight, because, as we know, I love lace. I will have to wait and see after I ply it. While spinning, I've been trying to make it as thin as possible without it becoming too weak for the spindle, which makes a pretty fine singles. Of course, I have seen much thinner spindle spun yarns. The type of spindle I have does not really lend itself to such fine yarns. What I really want to get my hands on is a Russian style spindle. Any true lace-lover/spinner should have a few. These are the spindles used to make the gorgeous Orenburg lace cobweb yarns. But, until I can get my hands on a few (you actually do need more than one, and separate slightly larger one for plying), I will have to be satisfied and skillful with what I have. What I have is a perfectly good spindle that I still think is gorgeous and very high quality. I love it. No complaints!

I want to spin more, but I have to finish my mom's socks. If I can get through the gussets tonight, I see no problem finishing these by tomorrow evening. My Friday goal is in sight.

But before I even pick up those needles, I need to do some intense stretching. Spinning, more than knitting, tends to hurt my shoulders. I think it is because I do not spin as much as I knit and I am using underused muscles. Breaks help.

Catch you all later and hopefully tomorrow I will have some FO shots for you all!


Courtney said...

Hi! I'm a newish reader, but I love your blog.

Your spinning fiber is beautiful. I've wanted to learn to spin for a couple of years now, but I've never gotten up the nerve to take the plunge. Any recommendations for fibers or spindles for a beginner?


Electronic Goose said...

Oooh, I spy orange. Love it!