New Jessicas

We happen all the time.

I got together with my friends Sandra and Alyssa to have a super fun hair dye party! Here's the three of us together:

Sandra's ended up much darker than we expected it to and Alyssa's and mine look very similar in the photo, but are less similar in real life I think...lol ;) It was so much fun. Sandra is coming over on Wednesday and I will be adding some highlights to her hair...and we might put some carroty orange-red highlights into mine. I have the dye, but I sort of like it how it is...I have a few days to mill it over. It's only hair, right? Right. lol ((more photos are on my flickr page))

Alyssa really want to learn to knit and I think she is going to come over sometime this week so that I can try to teach her. Sandra mentioned too that it might be fun...which is funny because I tried to get her to learn through college when we were roommates and she showed no interest whatsoever. But YAY! More knitters!! I'm luring them in!!

My mom's socks are done!!!!

They look great after a nice wash and block on a towel!! I hope she loves them! I think they will be a nearly perfect fit, if not completely perfect. Proud. lol

Since my mom's socks are off my mind now, I worked a bit on my Purple Lace Blouse (a bit means 16 plus rows, which encompasses two decrease rows on both front pieces). I will probably work more on it this afternoon after I get in some spinning time. I want to at least get the singles out of the way before I head "home for the holidays." I think it will be much easier to ply on the trip than to spin up singles and I definitely want to take some spinning with me.

OK, I feel like watching anime all day now. So, I'm going to do that. ;p

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