A little stress

Personally and physically.

I'm not doing well. Enough said on that topic.

My Inga Hat is not doing so well, either. I finished her today and tried to put her on. I had to force it to go onto my head because I guess I didn't have my floats loose enough (although, I could have SWORN they would be). When I finally got the thing on, it covered half of my eyes!

Grrr. Just Grrrr...

I washed it and it is blocking right now. I packed it as tightly as I could with garbage bags until it felt like a nice heavy little ROCK and it is now drying that way. I hope, hope, hope that this works because it is a very pretty hat. I'll be sad if I spent all that time on it and never get to wear it. ((P.S.--Ripping is not an option for me. If I have to start over, it will be on something else.))

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