How I tried to learn continental knitting

I really want to be a continental knitter, simply for the sake of my shoulders. Throwing hurts. However, I can't seem to keep the tension on the yarn when I knit continental and it ends up looking sloppy and loose. I think I'm going to grab some of my knit picks stuff that I'm not using for anything and knit up an enormous "swatch." I think it will be the only way. I don't want to try it on anything I'm currently working on because it would be a disaster (um...I mean, it actually WAS a disaster...because...ehem...I tried it on my mom's socks).

So, that's the plan for that. I should really work on my NaKniSweMo sweater as it has been a few days since I've even thought about looking at it. BORING! Tomorrow evening, I'm supposed to be knitting with some friends and I think I will bring it to that...because I can work on it while jabbering and paying closer attention to other things.

Oh, I am waiting for the next installment of the Hill Country Yarns Sock Club. I was under the impression that it would arrive the first week in November, but it definitely didn't come. It's now two weeks in and no happy yarn mail for Jessica. Hello? I'm WAITING...and tomorrow's my birthday. Come on people!


danielle said...

I know what you mean. Whenever I try continental my gauge loosens up dramatically, and I'm ALREADY a loose knitter. Good luck!

Seanna said...

Thanks for writing this.