All that's left now...

...are the sleeves!! The front and back of my sweater are finished! Yay! It only seemed to take forever.

I started a scarf to learn continental knitting. I'll show it to you later.

So, normally, I hate to purl. However, I have found that I love to purl continental style! Actually, I love a lot about the continental style and want to master it and make the switch!! I knit so much more loosely, which is good because I am a very tight knitter and it makes things frustrating when starting new projects. Yay, continental!

I had a knit night with some friends the other night. Our antics looked like this:

Alana is wearing the scarf that she cast off THAT NIGHT!! Can you tell how excited she is, even with the dangling loose ends? lol I taught her how to bind off! Yay!

My novel has been neglected for the past two days and will probably be absolutely starving for attention by this evening. I've been feeling down and not up to writing. I don't know. My birthday was on the 14th and I'm not who I thought I'd be at this point. I mean, I'm me...and I know that I'm great...it's just other crap that I've dealt with my whole life that hasn't gone away now that I'm a "grown up," even though I really thought it would. Stupid stuff...I won't go on about it.

I wound up some two year old yarn that was in a tangled hank in my bedroom:

Oh, and I knit my pregnant buddy, Michelle, some super cute baby booties:

That's all. :P

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