I just needed to show you...

I have been slowly working on my well past-due wedding stole on the sidelines. I will finish it eventually.

I just needed to show it to you. I have finished one repeat with the nupps (a new technique I learned with this neverending project) and I am so proud of myself. This stole will be so beautiful...someday...when it's older.

In an attempt to avoid working on my novel, today I played with one of my birthday gifts. Max bought me Phantom Hourglass for the DS, and while I wasn't goofing off on Ravelry, I was playing it. SO FUN! I just love Zelda. Have any readers played it yet?? I'm just curious.

I need to make something for Thanksgivng, but I haven't decided what. A large chunk of my afternoon will be spent grappling with that decision. I want to bake and I know I want to make a pie of some kind for dessert, but I don't know what I'll make to eat with dinner. It needs to be good. Last night, I made this for dinner:

mmmm...Yaki Soba...easy and good.

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