I'm like a crazy person

I keep adding things to my queue in Ravelry. It is now three pages long!!

AND I've only added ONE pattern from the most recent issues of Interweave and Vogue Knitting. Just today, I've added the We Call Them Pirates Hat, Pirate Mittens, Anemoi Mittens, Endpaper Mitts, and the Squirrel and Oak Mittens!

I ordered part of the yarn for the Pirates Hat, before I realized there were mittens to match! I also went ahead and got yarn for another hat in my queue (this one's for me), the Inga Hat. PS...I've never really done colorwork before. I'm NUTS!!!! Let's hope I looooove colorwork, because I'm signing myself up for disaster if I don't!!!!

But I really love knitpicks...it all cost me about 11 bucks!!

Are any of "you" color/fair-isle knitters?? If so, do you have any tips, or suggestions (blog, book, tutorial recommendations??)? I would appreciate it!!!!


Makiko said...

Hi! I found your blog from knitting blog. I am Japanese and I like knitting, crochet, spinning and any craft!
You are knitting socks for your husband? That's nice!
I will live in NY until next month. Then I will go back Japan.
I am impressed that you like Soseki Nathume. It's my favorite, too!
I have website. But it's written in Japanese.

I am trying to write my new blog in English. I hope I could do it in couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I added a ton to Ravelry too. Its the most time sucking website ever invented.

Alice said...

Oooh... what colors did you choose for your Inga Hat? My best advice for knitting Fair isle is to keep your floats a bit loose. Also I found this short explanation of Yarn dominance very helpful: http://nonaknits.typepad.com/nonaknits/2006/01/yarn_dominance.html

Good luck!

Kar said...

i'm still trying to find out what happened to my current project....