My decision

Since I haven't really had much time on the weekends to work on Estonian Garden, I have decided to make it my all-the-time project. Meaning, when I am at home and not feeling incredibly distracted, I will work on it...everyday...

That being said, I am often not at home. When I am out and about (at work, waiting at a restaurant, etc...), I will work on my other projects.

Rusted Root is on hold until I feel like going to the LYS and buying a needle. So, the only other projects I really have going right now are two pairs of socks and the Lace Blouse. These will be the projects I keep in my purse.

I'm sort of bummed about this decision, though, because I feel like my little schedule was working. Oh, well. I'm afraid if i don't do this, Estonian Garden won't be done in time!! Today is August 20th and my wedding is September 29th!


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