A good little wifey

Yes, I am going to be a good little wifey...because I am going to be the little wifey who knits her husband (prisoner) complete pairs of hand-knit socks. Not just one sock, but two...one for each foot.

Even if it takes me a lifetime to finish, that second sock has been started. There is no excuse now. That yucky casting on part is over with.

Yes, I hate casting on. I do not love starting new projects; I love working on new projects, once those stitches have been cast on and a few rows worked for good measure. Speaking of:

The good little wifey has made visible progress on her wedding stole! I can already see the pattern taking shape and now that I've worked a complete pattern repeat, I feel comfortable with it.

About that schedule thing I started a while ago: I am actually doing a (pretty) good job of following it. I have made tons of progress on Rusted Root, finished my pair of Child's First Socks in shell pattern, started the fronts of the purple lace blouse (although, I did not have time last Thursday to work on it), started Max's second sock, and have a relatively solid start on my wedding stole.

Drawbacks: each day is devoted to a knitting project, which is good, but I am also trying to learn to spin AND needle felt AND sew AND (which I keep forgetting about) I also want to work on some more Temari at some point. While I am excited about all of my knitting progress, I can see my progress on these other arts being compromised. I think I may need to change things a bit in order to include all of my random craftsman needs. But there are only so many days in a week...I'll figure it out, though...don't worry.

What? You wanna see my progress on Rusted Root? Ok, fine:

I feel like the end of this sweater is in sight, which is making me a leetle excited. I love FOs and I don't seem to get very many, what with all my psychotic starting of projects and all.

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