So...I have been participating in Project Spectrum...

It's fun.

However, I wasn't able to finish up the things I was working on these past few months. Now, the colors have changed and I've got no FOs. I have a halfway done pair of socks...and another pair with one and a half socks to go...and that's really it.

I had intended to bring out that pink shrug I started many moons ago (last summer, actually)...I never touched it. I never even looked at it. Oh well.

I sort of have a plan for this next installment of Project Spectrum. The colors are Red, Black, and Metallics. I'm kinda sorta planning on using this yarn for something "special." Kind of a secret...for now anyway.

I've been working on socks...

So...socks...yeah...socks. When my tip money comes in...I think I'll buy some circular needles...and give that a try. This four pointy stick thing is slowly wearing on my nerves. If circulars are faster and minimize ladders...I'm down.

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