Call already!

Right now, I'm amusing myself with the spectacle of George...rolling on the floor with an olive...trying to get it to cooperate so he can actually eat it. Hilarious stuff.

Today, I had my panel to become a shift manager. A couple of people have already had theirs today and have gotten the results. My luck...it will take a few days for them to get in touch with me...here's hopin' I get a call tonight!! Everyone pray, if you're that kind...I appreciate it. If not...wish me all kinds of luck....I appreciate that too!

Oh, knitting. How do I love thee? How do I miss thee after a day and a half absence! The Lace Blouse has made very little progress...so, I think I'm going to try to cool it on the socks for a little bit and work a little bit more diligently on the lace. If I leave it for too long, I may never get it finished. I have to keep myself motivated with lace...even though I love it.

Epiphany: I LOVE LACE. I think I now love just about everything about it...except for ripping and fixing mistakes...but that goes for everything. I love the way lace looks...how it's all drapey and delicate. I want to knit more and more lace...a complete lace wardrobe...with socks, shrugs, cardigans, sweaters...shawls...purses...panties...

I've pretty much decided that these will be the next socks on the needles. I have, like a good little girl, also decided that I must finish at least one of the two pairs of socks I am currently working on before I can commit myself to something so marvelous as a thigh high. It's a good plan because I actually can't afford to buy yarn for them right now anyway! See how that works out?

Anyway...tonight I am going to a coffee seminar at work...it's a knitting/coffee seminar, so I am excited. We will be knitting and talking about coffee farms, how wonderful! I'll get to spend time with some people I haven't seen in a while...so, I'm pretty stoked. Plus, I'm a geek.

So, the scarf is patiently waiting to be put up for sale...I just really want Max to make a banner for me. He has a really cute idea...you'll see what it is when it's up and running. I really wish he would hurry, though, because I want to sell the thing. But I'd rather have a good presentation...perfectionist.

Ok, now I'll talk about something else. I've called Max and asked him to bring home some sort of heavy-duty cutting tool on his way to work. George pissed on the carpet...again...in a different spot...right before my eyes! I was so angry. I'm not cleaning it. I refuse to even bother with this anymore. This carpet is completely destroyed...he has ruined four spots in the hallway now. It is all right around the cats' bathroom. Tonight, the carpet is getting torn out in that section of the hallway...period. It smells...I've cleaned it a mill' and it doesn't make a difference. Even with the cement being visible, it is better than looking at the piss stained carpet...gross. But that's the end of it. I'll buy cheapo door mats at IKEA to cover it...then, when he pees there again, I can throw it in the wash or just replace the damn thing. I swear, George, you need to watch your back or you'll be in a no-kill shelter where they won't bother to take care of your diabetes before you know it! Eventually, we want to get rid of the carpet altogether anyway. So, I don't really care about tearing it apart if it means getting rid of that smell and a pesky problem.

Oh man...I wish they would call me already! I hate this waiting around business!

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