Candied Grapefruit Rind

Today, I knitted on the purple Lace Blouse. I think I'm ready to start increasing for the arms!

I also played the good old-timey housewife role and threw together some candied grapefruit rinds.

Yes, they are good.

What I will do next time: I will most likely keep a closer eye on the syrup and remove the rinds when they become clear...before the syrup becomes crusty and hard. Some of the rinds ended up a little bit overcooked. I think taking them out sooner would have solved this problem. I lived and learned...see that?

Still no word on the results of the panel. I hope I find out tonight. It's killing me.

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Kar said...

good luck on the panel thing! I have a 2nd interview for the art institute job, though it would be about an hour drive from the house, it would be TOTALLY worth it i think!! Wish me luck!! I'm sure you did fabulous on the panel!! I've been sick the past few days so I'll need to rest up for the interview at 2:30.