To sell online...

Well, as I have been saying...I have been working on something to sell online at etsy.com. It's completely finished. Completely. I even have the description and materials all written up. I have the pictures all set to go. All I am waiting on is a little bit of info from the Post Office on shipping...and the whole shebang should be set to go! I'm also kinda sorta waiting on Max to design a sharp banner for my store page...to make me more professional-like. :p

Should I show a picture of the finished product here?? I guess it's OK to do so.

If you wanna see more, you'll have to check it out in my Etsy Store...but it isn't up yet! Be patient! It's over 7 1/2 feet long blocked! I almost don't want to sell the thing...but alas...alas...

Remember how I studied abroad in Japan back in the day? Well, while I was there, I purchased a kit for two Temari. I started one while I was there. I also stopped working on it altogether while I was there. Well, over the weekend I decided to pull it out and bring it with me to my grandparents' house. I finished it!! It is not without flaw, but I feel so accomplished all the same. I don't know why I couldn't finish it before. I seriously sat down and finished nearly the whole thing in one sitting. I guess all I needed was a little bit of time away from it. Now, I can't wait to start making more. I have big plans for these cute little balls of thread...big plans.

I have to go back to work today. I really enjoyed having a long weekend off. I spent it with my grandparents, whom I love and miss terribly.

Aren't we all so wholesome? :)

PS--all that stuff I was upset over in the last few posts?? Nothing changed in that department, if you were interested.


Mimi said...

Wish you luck with your on line business!

Oh the new Keitodama summer edition is a nice edition. The bolero on my last post is from another book, Let's knit series.

Kar said...

how cute! so how horrible is it that i don't think i like my new job so much...when i went in for my paperwork, they had deceived me and told me i was getting 5-10 vacation days...but i get that after 6 months and then i get 10 in TWO years...i just feel lied to and i can't be *happy* about it...you know? i think i'd be much happier just working at starbucks until i find my *dream* job that i don't know what it is yet....sigh, i don't know what to do...advice!! email me :) i miss you and our knitting adventures