I can't wait for Renaissance Faire! If any of my friends want to have a fulfilling day of joyful merriment, let me know. I'm down for some frollickin' old skool, fer rills.

Oh, knitting. I haven't felt like it. I can't stop thinking about Temari. I never finished the one I started working on in Japan last year. I might just have to get it out and start working on it.

I was going to crochet something for my grandmother, but I didn't have enough time. I will just have to work on it when I have a chance and give it to her the next time I see her. I will probably knit her something instead of crocheting, though...because crocheting is confusing and stressful to me now. Oh well.

I have to put the finishing touches on my "for sale item" and then block it...carefully. It's silk...so, it's sort of fussy to block. There is a great resource on knitty.com about how to block different media. If you need some help with a fiber that is new to you, check it out. I think it will be worth it. Anyway...I need to take apart my cast on row and remove a few rows of knitting and then do a plain old bind-off. Why? My cast on and cast off rows look very different. THAT'S why. I can't bring myself to sell something like that...so, I have to painstakingly DEAL WITH IT before I put it up for sale. Unfortunately, I didn't leave a very long tail...if I had, I would just do a row of crochet into the cast on row and call it quits! Oh well, maybe on my ten tonight, I'll do that...because I hope to have the thing blocking in my guest room by this evening...photo shoot this weekend at the grandparents'...and posted in my etsy.com store on Monday. Wish me luck! Oh, I'll definitely put up pictures of the item here and on flickr once it's up for sale...shameless advertising, you know. Oh, and there will be a widget...oh, yes...there will be widget.

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Kar said...

you're probably just a tiny bit depressed about life...i was until about 2 weeks ago, so i totally know how you feel. i'll hopefully start knitting and crocheting more...im sorta moving to davids since it's closer so things really are crazy...epp! you'll find a jobbie soon!