Knitting offers more...

...but crochet offers these:
I have been eye-balling these two crocheted dresses for a while now. I've had both patterns for a long time...and had almost forgotten them...but they were always in the back of my mind. ((oh, the other one is a pdf that I downloaded from interweave...but I can't find it online now for the life of me and I don't know how to import the image from a pdf...so...sooooooo....yeah)).

Should I cross over for a while...if only for a moment??

I like crochet. It's so...forgettable. Not in a bad way...it's forgettable in a such way that you can always come back and pick it up later...it won't unravel while you're away and if it does, it isn't a disaster. The stitches in crochet are almost independent of one another. They aren't so delicately linked as they are in knitting. That's part of why I think I love knitting so much...the interconnectedness of everything...but I also think, sometimes, it's why I like crochet. Maybe it is true that sometimes we need a break from interconnectedness. While we can never truly be separate...we can at least back away for a while. Know what I mean??

But actually, crochet is on my mind for another reason. I'm planning a trip to southern Illinois in a few weeks to visit my grandparents. I really wanted to have something nice to give to my grandma, but I really won't have the time to knit anything up. Maybe crochet is the answer here? I think it might be. I've found a nice crochet daisy lace pattern through a little bit of "witchcraft" and "demon arts" (use your imagination...you'll probably never guess what I mean). I need to decide on a really beautiful yarn...I love my grandma so much and I'm sad to say that her age is finally starting to catch up with her. I want to make her something beautiful...because she is beautiful. You know what I mean?

I won't be able to hit the LYS until tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I will find something affordable and lovely so that I can get started!! I don't have much time!!

Oh...dinner a few nights ago was tasty:

See! I CAN cook, when I put my mind to it. However, the peas were not quite done...still yummy.

Oh and the new Interweave?? Beautiful. I want to knit these now:

You think I care they're all turned on their sides? Well, I don't. Oh and size and order means nothing here. If you want to know my favorite; it is the snuggly grey sweater with the brown button (in other words, the last one).

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Kar said...

so thanks for posting on my blogs...do you feel the sarcasm?? and we bought a house!! i'm so very excited but so very nervous...eep!