To live on bread alone

Today began with a plan...a really cool plan...a really cool plan that cost me EVERY bit of my tip money this week for supplies.

It involved a thermometer, a huge glass bowl, a cookie sheet, and a rolling pin.

It was bread.

I found a super simple recipe for a loaf of French bread...and went to town.

Lots of kneading:

Lots of rising:

A little bit of knitting:

Lots of shaping:

Lots of baking:

Lots of cooling on wire racks:

Lots of happy!:

Mmmm, I'm really looking forward to the gluttony that will be this evening. I'm making a pasta dish out of real simple magazine tonight as well. It's going to be fabulous with freshly baked bread.

Oh, we will be giving one loaf to Max's parents. Russians like their bread, you know.

And these fat asses...

...won't be getting ANY! Hedonists!

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