My toilet bowl shines like the sun

...or at least it shines like a really clean toilet bowl. I cleaned the bathroom today...it needed to happen. I did laundry like a good future housewife (too bad I still have to work). I also tried to clean up the spots that Scooter left behind for us on the carpet, but I need to buy more cleaner. I tried my best, though.

Yes, we returned Scooter to my mother last night...she and the doggie were both very happy to see one another. It was a nice long ride to Bloomington (the semi-half way point we chose to do the hand-over)

Aren't those sunsets GORGEOUS? I love road trips...if only for sunsets. We can't really see them as well in the subs, you know?

Plus, Max is really cute in the car:

I love him.

So, I uploaded these from flickr this time instead of doing file uploads from my computer and they loaded up A LOT FASTER. I will probably do it this way from now on just to save time. Plus, I'm totally addicted to flickr and am a member of TONS of knitting photo groups. Soon, I'm going to join up (or start) with an anime cosplay group...Anime Central is only about two weeks away. I don't think I'm dressing up this year, but I may still have some tricks up my sleeve. I think my next post may be more anime related...but let's throw some in here now, just for shits and giggles.

I love anime...more specifically, I love girlie anime...but I also dig me some moody, dark, and terribly confusing anime as well. If anyone reading this has a favorite anime that they would be interested in sharing with me, don't be afraid to leave a comment :) I don't bite. Also, if anyone reading this is planning on going to Anime Central, let me know!!!! I want to actually make friends there this year! Plus, it would be fun to read your blogs and see what you have planned!!!! It's called networking, people...don't be afraid :)

Ok...enough of that. I've done my part to make friends. Today's post had little to do with knitting...so I guess I will throw some in here now. I am working on my lace blouse, specifically and it is coming along. I LOVE IT. I am slowly working on my socks, but I haven't made any photo worthy progress. When I do, I will show you! Promise!

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Kar said...

yay i joined flikr!! and i stumbled upon the bead idea and the pattern but i'm altering it to my taste! so i'm excited about that! And it's just the schaumburg art institute but still lots of fun! i hoping the salary is right too because that's kinda important! i also have a prospect for a school district to be an hr person! i hope it all works out though! and i'll let you know when the beads come in so you can check out the quality...it's only going to cost me $15 per person and all the crystals are swarovski! i just have to pick up some findings to finish them off!