Ok, how happy am I?? Well, first of all:

I love the new cardigan I'm working on!! The lace looked like it was going to be hard, but it is totally simple...but still interesting. I love the color (it's very Sandra).

I'm also happy because my OTHER new yarn just arrived like, five minutes ago!! That was FAST!! The yarn is lovely...so soft...love the merino. Too bad it's going to turn into socks for The Russian, because I'm totally in love with it. I will DEFINITELY be ordering some in a different colorway for myself someday soon! If you are interested, I bought it here. Seriously, I love it. I really want to learn to spin. I've tried in the past with a drop spindle, but I wasn't very motivated at the time I suppose. Someday...someday...It WAS sort of one of my New Year's resolutions, after all...

One thing that I found interesting online today. That's right. There apparently is a knitting oriented store in Scottsdale, AZ that bears my name. One of these days, we'll have to have a leetle vacation, mmmyes. I'll make The Russian jump on board...is Scottsdale anywhere near the Grand Canyon??

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Kar said...

yay for yarn!! i loooove packages :) i got my petticoat and tiara and the dresses, it was an eventful week for the post office last week! Your dresses are lovely! I'm just worried that the dresses will be too small next year and then we'll be sol :( so i'm a little worried...

but i have an interview friday! yay!