Suspicions confirmed

Yes, that sock...while ultimately adorable and attractive in appearance...would not stretch over my foot without a fight. Once on, I felt my feet begin to throb as they struggled to pump blood through themselves. "Can't you just do that blocking thing?" "No, honey...I don't think so."

I spent the rest of the night moping and ended up going to bed.

I'm trying those cute socks again, though. In a different yarn...in a different color. I know that I could knit them on size 2 needles instead of size 1, but I like the finer gauge...so, thicker yarn it is.

No pictures of my immense failure or the shaky beginnings of the next one. :[ At least it does seem to be considerably larger...and that's what I needed. :]

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Kar said...

yay! socks!!

i need to knit again soon...