Perhaps a bit migraine-inducing

I do love socks...I do love my newest beginning of a sock...but damn do they ever give me some neck pain. I had to stop knitting today as a result of that pain.

So, while I've not been knitting today, I have been thinking. I am bored. I don't like being bored. I should not allow myself to be bored...with knitting. I need a new sweater or something to work on and I have made it my goal today to lay the plans for my next big project.

I'm having trouble deciding...I'm going through all of my books and magazines to find the right thing. At this point, I don't care if it is for me or for Max...I just want to knit something bigger. I still have not finished that cabled cardigan and I probably won't...It's too tedious...and way too small. I know that I have HUNDREDS projects that are just sort of waiting in line...but it's hard to pull one out of that list and GET GOING on it. Plus, there's that whole issue of buying yarn. God bless knitpicks, I will probably be making great use of her this time around.

Tomorrow's post (if there is one) will have photos and hopefully I will have made a clear decision on what is next in my knitting escapades. Until then, Happy knitting.

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