On quitting

I am quitting. QUITTING. Two of my projects are just plain finished as far as I'm concerned...never to be touched again...I hate them both.

One is the cabled cardigan. I just never want to pick it up again. The other is that stupid dress. What a waste of gorgeous fabric. I wonder if I can salvage any and make a skirt. Probably not, though.

I'm so upset over the dress too. I worked on that damn zipper again today and I don't know what my problem is...I must not be good at sewing, which is a shame because I spent a huge chunk of my life dreaming of being some sort of fashion designer (wait, I still dream about that from time to time). Maybe all hope is not lost...but it sure as hell feels like it. What kind of designer can't sew a zipper?? Seriously. It looks like utter shit:

See? Who's gonna wear something like that?? Not me, that's for sure. This dress was supposed to be easy. Whatever...it wasn't. Let's not even talk about THIS drawstring casing:

Yeah, it looks nice, but I won't even begin to tell you how hard it was or how many times I had to tear it apart and start over. To hell with it. I just want to move on to the next sewing project...which is another dress...with another zipper. Sheesh...there really is no escape from it, is there? Maybe it doesn't require a zipper...maybe it's a button up the back number. Maybe?? ((she runs and takes a look at the pattern specs)) No, it's definitely a zipper.


Here's a sock:

Here's my next project:

That's my little brother, Scooter...I'm babysitting while my mom is in Florida. As for the pattern, it is from the beautiful Romantic Knits. Oh, you actually want to be able to see the pattern, do you? Here, you can (sort of) see it in more definition in this shot:

The required Rowan 4-ply cotton has been ordered online and will hopefully arrive soon...the sooner, the better with the way things are going in my craft life. Ugh.

Oh, and look at this. Isn't it pretty?? That's just some mistake rib in silk yarn...to be on sale on Etsy.com hopefully within a few weeks.

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Kar said...

I agree, zippers ARE a bitch, that's why they make zipper foots! I don't know if you want to try again...but it looks like the problem is that the fabric isn't sewn straight and that's what's making it bubble and be all a-skew. I'd have to see it to be sure. But sewing is quite tedious and sometimes i'm just not very patient! I'm starting to pack up stuff and clean in hopes that I'll get a job, yuck. How's the dress?! I bet it's super!!