Something that bothers me is self-righteousness. There is nothing wrong with being righteous within one's self...but to go through any kind of effort to impress others with that righteousness is disgusting. Of course, we are all guilty of it from time to time...but some of us are definitely more into this sort of behavior than others. Enough said.

Well, maybe not enough has been said. I know I can be a huge snob, but my favorite person definitely isn't myself...because I'm around me all the time and know the horrible things I am capable of thinking. But when I am around (maybe not in terms of proximity but figuratively or otherwise connected through alternate means of communication) people who I feel are getting braggy and self-righteous, I tend to want to put them in their place...by being a tad bit self-righteous myself. The thing is, I sometimes feel that people think I'm a bit naive...that I'm not as intelligent as they are...that because I am a bit more reserved and have a less in-your-face personality (those who really get to know me see quite a different Jessica) I must not be thinking as much about the world around me as they are. I must not be living in the real world, or some nonsense like that. Maybe it's because I seem to spend a lot of time knitting...and wasting my time...when they have "other" things to do or are "too busy" for things like that.

Guess what. I know what's up. Shall I knit you a picture of my world view? Would you understand it? Probably not... (talk about self righteous!!)

Wow, that was wordy. Something did encourage me to write this, but that will remain a secret to any readers I may have...unless I know you personally and trust you enough to explain when you ask.

On to "more important" things (and, yes, in a sense I do mean that)...like knitting...

I am very close to being finished with sock number one of a pair of "Child's First Socks." I really love the pattern and I have had it memorized for a while. It's nice when you don't have to look at the pattern in a book anymore. It saves you some time and also a bit of weight in your purse (because, of course, you take your knitting with you everywhere). I am getting so close to that toe that I am starting to get "excited," if you know what I mean. Ew...if you're thinking that, then you definitely don't know what I mean. :)

Here's my progress so far:

Lookin' good. I do have one problem. I cast-on way to tightly and I can hardly pull the thing over my heel. I don't know what to do about this. It seems that it will fit everywhere else. Sock number two will be cast on much more loosely. The book has a few tips on how to cast on. I should have read them before starting sock one, but I sort of jumped the gun. I didn't realize until well into the sock that said tips were there. Oh well. I think I'm going to unravel the cast on row (is that possible?? I've never done it before) and bind it off much more loosely than I cast on. We'll see.

Why is it that every time I knit a sock, I run into some sort of problem...something that I say "Oh well" to and quickly follow up with an "I'll do it right on the next one?" I really should be striving to do things right THE FIRST TIME!! Argh.

That halter top is slowly, yet surely, growing:

I don't have much to say about this one. It's easy. Hopefully it will have a good fit...but it will probably end up baggy and saggy. I don't really care on this one. I just wanted something ridiculously simple and thought free. It's what I knit when I don't really feel like knitting...at night, when I'm tired, 10 minute breaks at work...you know.

I've started another project too, but I'm not showing pictures today. It is something that I hope to sell for some sort of profit. I figure I spend so much time knitting, I should benefit from it in some financial way.

I think that's all she wrote today. I can think of nothing more to say.
Ha...that rhymed...good show.

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