Death, no wait...taxes.

I'm not one of those people who get all bent out of shape over the fact that they have to pay taxes. I am, however, one who gets completely stressed out when it comes to anything financial. This is mainly because I don't really understand how a lot of it works yet. To be honest, I don't really want to. Money buys things...that's all it is really good for in the end.

I AM one of those people who find the process of DOING taxes ultimately annoying/boring/confusing. I've filed my federal taxes, but not state...because I WAS BETWEEN STATES! They won't let me file for Illinois online because I'm a first time filer in Illinois...and Turbotax won't allow me to MOVE ON to file my Missouri taxes online until I do something about effin' Illinois! Those bitches! (said with the utmost respect and humility, of course). I can't make a phone call from home unless I go outside (no reception, I live in a dungeon) and we've got some fabulous spring weather goin' on around here (that's sarcasm again) so I don't want to freeze my ass off for the IRS. Sorry, guys, you'll just have to wait until I get out of the house this evening for me to do what I need to do in order to file.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...don't even say it. It's kind of the 12th of April. It's kind of close to the deadline. Sure, sure. I'll git 'er done...promise.

Ehem, so...

Knitting: I have turned the heel on my teeny sock and have gotten halfway through the gussets. I tried to pull the sock on...and it's hard to get over my heel because the cuff was probably cast-on too tightly. Ooops. I never said I knew what I was doing. I think that it will fit fine on my actual leg, however...just getting it over the heels might be rough. I'm sure that as long as I don't tear it apart in my attempts to wear them, it will be fine, right? Right?

Socks...I love to wear them...but do I love knitting them?

Yeah...I think I do.

Now onto things a bit more seamless:

That's the start of a mind-numbingly simple halter top in the latest Vogue Knitting. The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Taupe. Oh, my goodness gracious. I love this yarn. I love this color (how typically neutrally-earth-tone of me). I'm not sure how flattering the halter itself is going to be, but I love how simply it is knitting itself up...almost without me...and that's ok.

Oh yeah, one more thing. MMMMMM BRUSSEL SPROUTS...

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